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Meet Fellow female globetrotters around the world


Travel feed

With NomadHer, you have access to all the travel tips and information for your safe upcoming trips, specialised within each of the different cities. The 2019 version will focus on Paris, and will later expand into London, Barcelona, Rome, Berlin and major European cities. In 2020 we expect to expand our functions into Asia, Latin America, Middle East and North Africa, and Africa.


female accomodation

NomadHer provides secure female friendly accommodation options reviewed by fellow NomadHer users. We connect you to local female hosts, and recommend female friendly hotels and hostels.


Share transportation

You just got off the airplane at 11pm, you don’t speak the language and you are lost as to how to reach your accommodation. NomadHer connects you with other fellow female globetrotters to share the transportation and find a female driver.


monthly nomadher events

At NomadHer’s heart, there is a NomadHer community. Come to meet female globetrotters and enjoy the moment! You can find events around you, including our monthly workshops, conferences, afterworks, brunches and more to come.