Our Mission

The very essence of NomadHer is to bring out that Nomad who is lost somewhere and is scared to take that journey by herself. We are developing an app to connect solo female travelers to travel safely.

We encourage solo female travelling as it allows women to confront themselves and go beyond their own limits. In truth, according to the Visa Travel Index and Trip advisor survey, 70% of women have responded that they have traveled solo and are willing to solo. When we came up with the idea of creating this venture, we found out that women hesitate to travel by themselves mostly for safety reasons. The whole idea of NomadHer is to bring this community of women together where they can connect with other female travellers and gain some insight for their upcoming travels and at the same time shed some light on their past travels.

The journey of NomadHer has just begun by outreaching to the community. In August, we have been selected by the Y Combinator for the Startup School’s Advisory Track programme which is our first step on the ladder. In October, NomadHer has been nominated  as one of 24 social startups that Paris city is supporting to respect the value of 2024 Olympic. In November the Nomadher team will be presenting their idea in the Web Summit 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal. In December, based on all the data and survey gathered by our community, we release the Beta version.

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