Our Stories

Hi, I’m Hyojeong, CEO and founder of NomadHer.

If you are asking my two favorite topics? “Woman Empowerment” and “Travelling.”

I travelled 41 countries solo. When I was 20 years old, I took a Trans-Siberian train from Paris to Busan, South Korea which took me over 200 hours when it was -40 degree in Siberia solo, as no one wanted to my crazy journey at that time!

The question that I often heard?

“As a woman, Isn’t it dangerous and difficult? to travel solo?”

It is true. There are moments when I did not feel comfortable : Being followed by a drunk guy at 3am in the train station when there is no one, or going through terrible moments by a male couch-surfing hosts even though he had over 20 comments from previous guests. However, the reason I continued solo travelling is because it allowed me to be who I am. Solo travelling allowed me to know “What I can” and “What I cannot.” It allowed me to realise that I am actually pretty good at dealing with from A to Z by myself. Because I travelled alone, local people could easily talk to me and I could easily make new friends who brought me endless inspiration. Because I travelled alone, I could really have time to think who I am. Whenever I go for new solo journey, I feel confident and brave.

Magic power of solo travelling!

This is why I started NomadHer. The very essence of NomadHer is to bring out that Nomad who is lost somewhere and is scared to take that journey by herself. It can be the story of Aysha, Rosa, Helene, or Dahee whoever you are from which parts of the world, NomadHer is for you to make assure that there is this much woman in the world who are travelling and discovering the world.

If I did, You can do.

NomadHer encourages solo female travelling as it allows women to confront themselves and go beyond their own limits. In truth, according to our own survey with over 1,000 female respondents, 90% of women responded that they have either travelled solo or are willing to do so. The whole idea of NomadHer is to bring this community of women together where they can connect with other female travellers and gain some insight for their upcoming travels and at the same time shed some light on their past travels.

Now. Are you ready for your new journey?