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    Our new website launches on March, 2019 with a detailed explanation for the NomadHer functions :)

  • Who are we?

    NomadHer is a global social enterprise with the aim to encourage women through travelling. We develop a community for solo female travellers.


    Our surveys from Visa Travel and Trip advisor have shown that 74% of the women have travelled solo and are willing to travel solo in the future and the rest confirmed not to travel by themselves mostly for safety reasons.

    Why NomadHer?

    The whole idea of NomadHer is to bring this community of women together where they can connect with other female travellers and gain some insight for their upcoming travels and at the same time shed some light on their past travels.



    Our Story

    We are female founders passionate about travelling and believe in the philosophy of encouraging other women around them to travel solo.




    The very essence of NomadHer is to bring out that Nomad who is lost somewhere and is scared to take that journey by herself by making her feel secure in her environment.



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