"Everything beautiful is wild and natural."

At NomadHer, we believe that travelling with challenge and adventure makes us grow. NomadHer is the #1 app for female globetrotters, to encourage solo travelling safely. A nomadHer Team is a group of true free spirits that travel to bring inspiration to the product.

NomadHer has been nominated as one of the 12 rising travel tech startups by United Nations to tackle social issues in 2023.

- Collaboration with Dior @WomenDior, & McLaren

- United Nations Awake Tourism Challenge Finalist

- Madeira Startup Retreat by Portuguese Tourism Organization

- Web Summit Top Pitch Finalist (72 out of 2,000)

- Apple's Top 9 most innovative app for female consumers

- 2024 Paris Olympic Committee Top 24 most innovative social startup to change the world

- Volvo Car Highlights Startup to innovate the world

Join NomadHer who believes that traveling is the only thing that makes you richer!

Current Opening Positions:

There is no opening at the moment.

If you have any questions, Feel free to share with us who you are and contact us at We are super cool people with warm hearts so always feel free to ask for a coffee chat if you wish to know if you are a good fit for our team! Also if you are a member of the NomadHer Community already, just chat with Hyojeong KIM who will be happy to chat with you.


Internship Programme:

NomadHer internship program provides a unique learning opportunity for those from diverse cultural academic and professional backgrounds. After a competitive and selective process, all of our interns work on practical tasks and projects as integral team members. We provide the unique opportunity to gain insight into the work of the social venture, startup, tech world full of tests and failures. We believe that the best way to learn is by taking action, making mistakes and then retrying. At NomadHer, we believe that you learn most from your fellow colleagues than the well-documented guideline.

Each year, we select interns for the 6-month-internship program. You can apply for the 2023 January-June/ June- December internship opportunity. Feel free to reach out to our team for any requirements through

Please read our Intern Diary on the NomadHer blog to get a glimpse of your internship life with the NomadHer team!

Spontaneous Applications:

Cannot find the job opportunity that you are looking for? We would still like to hear your story and you can tell us who you are. Feel free to reach out to our team at We regularly check spontaneous applications emails and who knows? :) Wish you the best!


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