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She Can Travel Anywhere!

NomadHer is a vibrant community that empowers women through solo travel. You will discover a stronger version of yourself when seeking travel companions, freely sharing your travel stories and concerns at the NomadHer Lounge, or going on exciting travel camps to new places together.

In order to establish a safe environment where female travelers can freely engage in heartfelt conversations, the collective efforts of all are needed. Allow us to introduce NomadHer's guidelines, designed to cultivate a community that serves as a source of inspiration and courage for female travelers who are just beginning their journeys with NomadHer.

What We Recommend You

1. Believe that by sharing your travel story, someone gains the confidence to start their journey

Every journey in the world is unique and filled with individual experiences. Even if we visit the same destination, we return with our own remarkable stories. Your shared stories and travel tips have the power to inspire NomadHers from across the globe who may be hesitant to travel solo, encouraging them to exclaim, "I believe I can do it too!" and discover the courage within themselves.

2. Embrace diversity with an open mind, and you'll discover travel companions no matter where you go.

Embarking on adventures with local friends and fellow travelers can enhance your travel experiences. Sharing meals, trying exciting activities like surfing, and engaging in diverse conversations at local cafes will broaden your horizons. Embrace the richness of different cultures and languages, and welcome diversity with an open mind. By doing so, you'll open doors to connecting with travel buddies and create unforgettable memories along the way.

3. Cultivate supportive conversations.

Share kind comments and messages to uplift and empower each other. Leave warm remarks on members’ stories, as a simple conversation can spark unexpected inspiration. Experience the power of connecting with like-minded travelers who value personal growth and the joy of exploring the world.

What We Do Not Recommend You

1. Avoid behaviors that hurt other people's feelings.

NomadHer is a diverse community where women share their travel experiences and personal growth. Judging or making hateful comments can have significant negative effects. Leaving aggressive remarks, or sending disrespectful messages without considering others' feelings can have consequences. Respect for others is just as important as being respected yourself.

2. There is no better way to love yourself than by being honest about who you are.

If you want to meet travel buddies who share similar travel styles, preferences, and interests, it's important to show your true self. Start by expressing yourself honestly through photos that portray the real you, along with your desired travel experiences and current passions on your profile. Be as genuine about yourself as you are in loving yourself.

3. Please contact the NomadHer team in advance for promotional posts or collaborations

NomadHer is a community where women can comfortably share their travel experiences and express their concerns openly. If you would like to upload a post to promote your service or product on the app, please reach out to the NomadHer team via email first. We always welcome opportunities for collaboration that contribute to women's growth through travel.

The NomadHer team is dedicated to making a comfortable and secure community for women.

If you happen to come across any posts, comments, or messages within the NomadHer community that makes members feel uncomfortable or unsafe, please report them to the NomadHer team by clicking on the "Report" button located on the right side of the member's profile or their post. Please provide details of the incident and your contact information (email, etc.) so that we can follow up with you. Your feedback is important in ensuring a safe and positive environment for all community members.

If a report is submitted, the NomadHer team will review and address the issue by requesting corrections or removal and etc. If similar issues persist, there may be limitations on community participation. Cultivating a healthy community culture is our top priority. NomadHer eagerly awaits your involvement in making this a better space for women.


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