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4 Ways to Overcome Solo Travel Fears

December 15, 2021



December 15, 2021

Have you ever had that feeling when you really want to do something but feel like you aren’t brave enough? Or fear that people will judge you?

When it comes to solo travelling, we all have that same feeling, especially for solo travelling as a woman.

That’s why we asked our community to share their fears and how to overcome them!

1. You will feel safer when you prepare as much as you can. (From Sira, Deutschland)

  • Make a good research on the area
  • Make a list of areas to avoid walking alone at night
  • Always keep your bag close
  • Keep your important stuff (Phone, ID, Purse and etc) on you
  • Have an arm on you bag while taking public transportation

Sira says one thing that can help a person that have fear of travel, it’s to plan the trip before. For example, see where your hotel/hostel/Airbnb is and then plan everything you want to visit. When I travel alone in the evening, I stay inside my room because I don’t feel safe going around alone in the evening. But nothing can stop me to travel, It’s so important to meet new people all around the world, new cultures, it opens the mind and while travelling, you make beautiful memories that you keep in your heart. I love the concept of the NomadHer app because it’s only for women, so I feel like it’s safer to make new friends

2. Remind yourself that people don’t really care about what you do (From Laura, Italy)

  • Remind yourself that people don’t really care about what you do. Most of them don’t have any bad intentions.

Laura says people who overthink a lot (like me) tend to think about the worst scenario possible like “is there a lot of bad people with bad intentions?” How to overcome it? Probably just to put more trust in humans, a lot of them don’t actually care about what you do, and there’s kindness in the world too. And always look at the surroundings and use your senses and if you feel something is wrong don’t think twice before going somewhere safe or contacting someone.

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3. There are many ways to overcome loneliness(From Leidya, Indonesia)

Leidya says some useful tips on how to overcome feel being alone.

  • Always open your heart to new experiences and cultures.
  • Never judge the way people act in the new country you have visited. Take it as a new way of life. It might be different in another country. For example, I am from Indonesia and I am used to people smiling but if I go to more close/communist countries they might look a bit tough but it doesn’t mean that they are bad.
  • Being open doesn’t mean being innocent. We have to be careful as well. Prepare things and try to look for some information before you travel.
  • You can search for a community/activity before your departure. For example, join humanitarian work/ volunteering. Also, You can join and meet NomadHer community. Many NomadHers meet each other while traveling now.

4. Be brave to ask people to get useful tips for your solo trip. They are willing to help you. (From Olivia in France)

  • Remind yourself why you really want to go on a trip and ask yourself what will you lose, miss or regret if you don’t. Based on that, you will find the courage to live the life you want

Olivia says I was afraid of being stolen, not having the capacity to do hitchhiking. I asked for tips and advice from people that have already done this type of travel in their life and that helped me to stop imagining the worst scenarios! Having friends that support and help you before the departure helped me a lot!

While I travel alone, I realized that there is almost ALWAYS someone to help you wherever you are! And when nobody’s here, you can always call the emergency, a family member, a friend to solve this bad situation! And if it’s too hard, you can always go back home, it’s not a failure, you’re not weak, you’re just protecting yourself which is the most important!

Want to get more tips? Download NomadHer and meet over 10,000 inspiring women from all over the world.

More about NomadHer :

NomadHer is an app for female globetrotters to encourage solo travelling safely. NomadHer has a vision of empowering women through travelling.

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