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Answering your most asked questions about NomadHer!

May 3, 2024



May 3, 2024

What is NomadHer?

Are you looking for a like-minded community of female travellers? Have you been desperate to travel the world but don’t know where to start and need inspiration? NomadHer is an app dedicated to offering women a safe platform to connect with other female travellers, share their tips and experiences and organise events around the world. We at Nomadher know how intimidating solo travel can be but we equally know what a worthwhile and rewarding experience it is. This is what inspired our CEO Hyojeong Kim to found this company, to empower women to go out into the world knowing there is a network of women in one app there to offer them advice, support and friendship. If you would like to learn more about Hyo please follow this link to our website.

This blog post will be an introduction to the NomadHer ethos and will serve as a guide to understanding how the app works and how you as an ambitious female traveller can get the most out of the app. This article will also address the most common questions asked on our recent Instagram story. Please do not hesitate to contact the NomadHer team via email or Instagram with other questions and suggestions you may have. 

Is there an app to find other solo female travellers?

The NomadHer app is designed to allow its community members to enter a location anywhere in the world, along with the dates they intend to be there and be presented with a list of women whom they can connect with while they’re there. The total freedom to speak and meet new people is undeniably one of the greatest benefits of solo travel and with the NomadHer app it is made even easier. The app also allows you to see what meet-up events are being organised across the globe; so whether you are coincidentally in a city where one of our events is taking place or you’ve specifically travelled to be there for it, meet-ups are joyous and judgement free spaces that hope to inspire the building of connections.

Why is it important for female travellers to have an app like NomadHer dedicated to supporting their travel aspirations?

So many of the messages NomadHer receives are from female travellers regarding concerns for their safety when travelling, particularly when they’re doing so alone. We at NomadHer believe that travelling is an invaluable and formative experience and by creating an app that provides a sense of community to women all over the world, we hope to alleviate some of the concerns that may be holding someone back from following their dreams of travel. Travelling has the potential to allow us to understand ourselves more deeply and meet people from around the world who can help shape us. A vast majority of the women we speak with at NomadHer say that they didn’t realise how resilient they could be until they found themselves in remote parts of the world, doing things they once couldn’t have believed they were capable of doing. This app allows women to share their stories of how travel has enriched their lives, whether it be through people they’ve met or moments they’ve experienced.

How does the NomadHer app work?

As previously mentioned, the NomadHer app is designed to allow female travellers to have a sense of community and offer a safe space to make friends no matter where you are in the world. There are three main ways in which you can meet other female travellers through the app:

1. NomadHer user-organised events, which are shared in the ‘Posts’ section of the app

Image 1

When you open the app you will find yourself in the ‘Lounge’ section of the app, under the ‘Posts’ tab; here you will see a brief glimpse of our upcoming NomadHer organised events. Below this, you will see posts from our members which may be suggestions of independently organised group activities that could take place anywhere in the world or simply a recent photo someone has taken on their travels, as seen above in Image 1. Our members may also be seeking travel tips for specific countries and locations or even just sharing a wholesome story of a friend they made through the app. You can comment on these posts or message the post’s creator directly if you’d like to arrange to meet up with them.

2. Our NomadHer arranged meetup events and festivals

What is a meetup event? A meetup is an event organised by NomadHer whereby we organise activities, which vary in type, to offer female travellers the opportunity to have a cultural experience while making friends in a safe and reliable environment. For example, Seoul is known for its numerous hiking spots, but don’t want to go alone? Look at NomadHer’s ‘Meetups’ section, shown in Image 2 below, and you’ll see regular opportunities to join like-minded, adventurous women on a hike, and if hiking isn’t your thing, not to worry, we host a range of events and we’re always open to new ideas.

Image 2

Nervous to turn up to a meetup event alone? Why not message one of the other women you can see has said she will also be attending and ask if she’d like to meet up beforehand? While we pride ourselves on being a welcoming group of curious women, we can appreciate that social anxiety can sometimes be a deterrent for some. Remember, the purpose of this app and these groups is to allow female travellers to connect, and if they have found the app and are choosing to attend one of our events then you know you’ll already have something in common with them!

3. The travel buddy feature

Looking to find other female travellers outside of meetup events? The NomadHer app allows you to create a profile whereby you can share the location and dates of you’re trip which allows fellow travellers to find your profile should you be overlapping at a certain place and date using the travel buddy feature.

Image 3

To add your travel plans to the NomadHer app you simply press the green circle with a plus symbol, which is at the bottom of the app screen, and select the option to ‘Create a Travel Buddy Announcement’ which will then allow you to fill in your travel details, as shown above in Image 3

You can also be the one to search for other travellers using this feature of the app. Simply enter your travel plans into the ‘Find Travel Buddies’ section as shown below in Image 4.

Please follow this link to an Instagram post where our CEO and Founder, Hyo, explains how to use this feature.

Image 4
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Why join NomadHer and what makes the NomadHer app special? 

NomadHer’s CEO and founder used her own travel experience to create this app based on the realities of travelling as a woman that she experienced first-hand. As a result, NomadHer is a safe and reliable platform which understands what the priorities are for the vast majority of female solo travellers. The travel guides and blog posts found on the app are made by women, for women. They take into account the increased vulnerability that comes with being a solo female traveller while sharing tips and tricks that will allow you to explore the world without feeling governed by fear. We pride ourselves on having a diverse range of contributors to our posts, ensuring that we are providing travel insights from women of a range of backgrounds.

With NomadHer, even though you may have embarked on your great adventure alone, it doesn't mean you’ll stay that way.

Is NomadHer free to join?

It is entirely free to download the NomadHer app and to create an account. It is also free to connect with the other NomadHers using the travel buddy feature of the app. If you are interested in attending one of our meetup events then you have the option to register for the experience, the cost of which will vary depending on the activity being organised. NomadHer understand that not all travellers have access to the same financial means and therefore we offer a range of meetup activities to ensure that there are opportunities for all. 

Who can join NomadHer?

NomadHer prides itself on being an inclusive, diverse and non-judgmental space. Women of all ages are welcome to register to be NomadHers and to attend our events should they wish to. NomadHer is an app that encourages and inspires travel amongst all women, regardless of sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion and ability. It is vital to NomadHer that our members feel safe within our community and therefore we invite any women who may have any concerns about joining NomadHer to reach out to us.

How to download the NomadHer app?

To sign up to the NomadHer app you first must go to the app store on your phone and download the NomadHer app. There is also a link at the end of this blog post that works for both IOS and Android phones. 

How to sign up to NomadHer?

Simply download the app, as detailed above, and create an account and wait patiently for your account to be verified by a member of the NomadHer team. Once your account has been approved you can begin to familiarise yourself with the different features and functions of the app. We encourage all our NomadHers to include as much detail about themselves as their travel aspirations as they feel comfortable with as it will allow other travellers on the app to find and connect with them more easily.

How does the NomadHer app ensure the safety of its members?

We are committed to ensuring the safety of our community and as such, each member is fully verified as part of the registration requirement. We ask our new members to upload a selfie and a photo of their ID which is then reviewed by a member of the NomadHer team.

How do we verify your identification when you join the NomadHer app?

Upon submitting a clear and legible photo of your identification along with a selfie, a female member of the NomadHer team will verify your account and you will receive a text informing you when this process is complete so you can begin to meet other solo female travellers.

Why do we need to verify your identification when registering at NomadHer?

NomadHer is a community that inspires women to travel, whether it be solo or with friends, and we know that one of the main deterrents for female travellers is a sense of vulnerability. Therefore, we ask all of our members to submit a selfie and photo of their identification so that the women in the NomadHer community can feel confident and assured when arranging to meet with other NomadHers. 

What type of IDs does NomadHer accept as part of the verification process?

NomadHer accepts identifications such as passports, which include your first name, last name and gender, all of which should be written in English. 

How long does it take to have my account verified?

The verification process when signing up to NomadHer takes around 24 hours, however, the time for us to verify a new member’s account may take longer if submitted over the weekend.

What does NomadHer do with your data?

Directly after reviewing your selfie and passport image, the NomadHer team will delete both photos.

What happens if I'm rejected?

There are 3 reasons why we wouldn't verify your identity: ‍ 

  • You didn’t upload a correct ID 
  • Your ID didn't include: first name, last name, gender and headshot 
  • Your selfie was blurry ‍ 

In this case, we send you an email and a notification asking you to re-upload your ID and a clear selfie to join our community.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any other questions you may have about our verification process.

Once I've created my NomadHer account can I change the name on my profile?

Currently, we do not allow users to modify their names on their profiles. Instead, we kindly request that users indicate in their profile bio the name by which they wish to be addressed. The reason for this policy is that in the past, we permitted certain users to change their names, which led to an issue when two users met and discovered that their actual names did not match the names displayed on their profiles. For instance, if someone’s real name is Cecile, but they had listed Alessandra on their profile, it resulted in trust issues from the perspective of other users. To ensure transparency and fairness for all our users, we have decided not to change user names from our end. Instead, we encourage users to “clarify” the name they prefer to be called by in their profile bios. We recognise that not everyone is feeling comfortable showing their last name, and we have updated our app to show only the first name.

Are there meet-up events outside of South Korea?

One of the most frequent questions we are receiving at the moment is regarding the locations of our meet-ups. While it is our ambition to eventually host a range of events all around the world, NomadHer is focussing its attention on South Korea for the coming months. This being said we are thrilled to be working towards an event that will be held in Paris later on this year. Additionally, our events and meet-ups in South Korea are not merely Seoul-based, with events and camps being held in places in Busan and Jeju.

As previously mentioned, while there may not yet be NomadHer organised events in your country or city, we welcome all of our members to reach out to one another whether it be through the travel buddy feature of the app or through simply posting a proposed plan on the ‘Posts’ section of the app.

How can I join the NomadHer team? Are there any current vacancies?

Another one of the most common questions we receive is about career opportunities with NomadHer. We are always thrilled to see how many NomadHers are passionate about the work we do and want to get involved and we are so grateful to all of those who take the time to reach out to us with their CVs. We update our website with any vacancies we have and we will normally also share our exciting work opportunities on our Instagram. We also accept spontaneous applications, though due to the large volume of emails we receive, we may take a few days to get back to you. 

More about NomadHer :

NomadHer is an app for female globetrotters to encourage solo travelling safely. NomadHer has a vision of empowering women through travelling.

To join the community of female globetrotters, you can download NomadHer App on IOS & Android. Follow NomadHer on Instagram: @nomad_her.

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