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Is Peru safe for solo female travelers ?

March 18, 2022



March 18, 2022

We had the pleasure to interview Dina, who lives in Cajamarca, Peru. She travels to challenge herself and to get out of her comfort zone!

She shared her thoughts about safety in Peru for a solo female traveler.

Is Peru safe for solo female travelers?

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🌸 About Dina

Can you tell me a bit about yourself, when did you start travelling alone? Why? What is your current situation?

Hello to all the traveling girls of NomadHer, I'm Dina, I'm 23, and I live in Cajamarca, a quiet city in the north of Peru. The first time I left my country alone was to Santiago de Chile, for a volunteer I did in a scientific event. There I discovered how much it helps me to grow and get to know myself traveling alone, and I did not stop doing it, with every opportunity I had.

Which countries did you visit? Which is/are your favorite and why?

Well, although I have visited airports in several countries, I consider that I have visited Athens (Greece), Santiago de Chile, Bhaktapur and Kathmandu (Nepal), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Zug (Switzerland). I couldn't compare them, because each site is different and beautiful in its own way. However, I have to say that those places extremely different from my country, such as Nepal or Southeast Asia, call my attention more.

I was very surprised by Pashupatinah, a sacred precinct located in the Kathmandu valley, where Hindus cremate their relatives in the open air, perform ceremonies, and throw the ashes into the Bagmati river that crosses the precinct. A place difficult to describe with words.

What does traveling alone bring to you? Has it changed anything in your life?

Above all, travelling alone teaches me to measure my fears, learn to take risks, get out of my comfort zone, but always know where to stop, since I am all I have, so I have to take care of myself in a particular way.

What is your worst experience? How did you handle it? Did it have an impact on you, your behavior or your life?

I think my worst experiences are always at airports. Once in Switzerland, I misread the boarding time of my flight to Madrid and my friend had to pay a speeding ticket for running to get to the flight on time. In bad weather, good face, I arrived at the jousting and I had to take my hold bag as hand luggage and throw away many souvenirs.

What were the difficulties you had to overcome while travelling?

The difficulties for someone shy like me, is that first approach with people with another culture, with other values, with other traditions.

Best souvenir while travelling?

They will always be the photos I take with me. And I collect coins, so also coins.

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🌸 Being a solo female traveler in Peru

Peru is an extremely diverse country, with incredible landscapes, many flavors, and friendly people everywhere !

Do you feel safe in Peru ? Is it easy to travel alone in Peru?

This will depend considerably on the place. My city, in particular, is not dangerous. In fact, in 2018 it reported the lowest rate of victimization, considering itself the safest city in the country. However, that is not the reality of all regions, Lima, being the capital, is the most populated region of Peru and also the most dangerous. Obviously, not all its districts are like that. Districts like San Miguel, Madgalena del Mar, Jesus Maria, Lince are relatively safe. However, the surroundings or the districts near the center can be dangerous. Personally, I don't feel safe in those districts.

Would you recommend Peru for a solo female traveler ?

In a very personal way, I think that if your plan is to travel as a backpacker, I would recommend doing it in a group and never alone. Unfortunately, the roads of Peru are not safe for a girl alone. However, traveling between cities, whether by plane or by bus, is safe. But like everywhere, there are places to avoid in each city. If you need more info, you can send me a DM and I can help you based on what I know.

How do you think travelling in Peru can empower women?

I think that women should get out of their comfort zones, obviously we have to understand that the world is a little more insecure for women, and it will continue to be for a while. So taking extra care measures is ideal.

What advice and tips would you give women who hesitate to travel alone in Peru ?

I would tell them to send me a DM, so I can tell them which sites to avoid and which sites to enjoy freely. My city is a great option ;)

A message you want to give to the women who will read you ?

Those memories that you carry inside after each trip, nobody will take them away from you. The future is illusory. The important thing is today. Do not delay that trip any longer, try everything that they invite you, disconnect the phone and be more present. Taste, smell, dance and repeat it.

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