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Recap of the Seoul International Women’s Day Festival 2024: She Can Travel Anywhere

April 8, 2024



April 8, 2024

The NomadHer Festival, a beacon of empowerment for women worldwide, has journeyed from its inception in Paris in 2019 to its recent expansion to San Francisco and now Seoul. This year, in honor of International Women's Day, Seoul hosted the event, themed 'She Can Travel Anywhere.' Drawing 300 women from 20 diverse countries, including Korea, France, the United States, Germany, Spain, Singapore, and Australia, the festival offered a rich tapestry of inspiring programs. It served as a melting pot of cultures, languages, and ages, where barriers were transcended, and stories of courage and adventure were shared. Join us as we unveil the highlights of this extraordinary celebration!

🌞Morning Special | Love Yourself As You Are

Gong Flow Sound Bath Yoga Class

How much time do you dedicate to self-care each day? Are you, perhaps, devoting more time to others than to yourself? Do you catch yourself admiring those ahead of you or envying those impeccably dressed individuals? At NomadHer, we believe that our current selves, just as we are, are more beautiful than anyone else. Isn't the most passionate and fervent love in the world directed towards ourselves? It's time to embrace ourselves with overflowing affection, prioritizing self-love above all else.

Participants gathered on a Saturday morning, basking in the gentle rays of spring sunlight filtering through the windows, for a special session titled "Love Yourself As You Are." Led by Isabel Kwak, a renowned leader from the Seoul International Yoga Studio, attendees were treated to a unique Gong Flow Sound Bath Yoga class.

Immersed in the majestic sounds of the gong, participants embarked on a journey of inner exploration. Through serene meditation, they delved into the depths of their souls, attentively listening to their innermost voices. With yoga poses meticulously crafted to enhance the body's concentration, attendees fully immersed themselves in a holistic experience aimed at nurturing self-awareness and self-love. It proved to be a precious moment for engaging in heartfelt dialogue with oneself, fostering introspection, and facilitating personal growth.

Participants were not only awed by the diverse experiences offered within a single class but also deeply captivated by the mesmerizing resonance and sound of the gong, seamlessly guiding them into a state of meditation. Furthermore, fueled by their shared passion for travel, all attendees naturally gravitated towards one another even before the yoga class commenced. Engaging in heartfelt conversations and forging connections, there was a palpable anticipation of encountering kindred spirits. Hearts opened up readily to the warmth of each other's gazes, creating a truly special and unique experience exclusive to the NomadHer Festival.

🌏 Afternoon Special 1: Confidence Takes Flight: Explore the World!

Engaging Talk Show Featuring 11 Global Female Leaders

The afternoon sessions propelled us to embrace newfound confidence and forge connections with the wider world, building upon the themes of self-love and introspection explored in the morning. Hyojeong Kim, the CEO and founder of NomadHer and a seasoned solo traveler to 44 countries, led engaging discussions as a moderator where women leaders from diverse backgrounds shared their growth and challenges.

In the inaugural session titled "Women in Empowerment," we delved into the narratives of global female leaders who amplify their influence with unwavering determination. Esteemed figures including Michelle Winthrop, the Ambassador to the Embassy of Ireland in the Republic of Korea, Maria Castillo Fernandez, the Ambassador of the European Union to the Republic of Korea, Korean Top Motivational Speaker, Best-selling Author, Entrepreneur MK KIM, and Enterprise Networking Specialist, Tech Leader at CISCO Jaemi Lee graced us with invaluable insights and candid advice, enriching our collective experience with profound wisdom.
“When a great opportunity comes, I hope you don't just attribute it to luck and underestimate yourself. Opportunities don't come to just anyone. Instead, recognize yourself as someone qualified enough to make both luck and opportunity your own.”

In the Women in Confidence session, attendees were treated to inspiring narratives from young female entrepreneurs who transformed their dreams into reality. Leaders like Melixer CEO Hana Lee, Jeong Hyun Cho from Digital Nomad Korea and Hoppers, Jina Kim from Wolf Social Club, and Jihye Noh from Zuudo shared their vibrant startup stories, leaving participants brimming with excitement and inspiration.

"It's crucial to firmly hold onto a dream that you're willing to dedicate your life to, envisioning it vividly in your mind. This mindset has allowed me to view numerous setbacks not as failures, but as steps closer to my ultimate goal. With this belief, I've found the strength to rise again and again.”

In the third talk show session, "Women in Challenge," fearless female travelers who venture across the globe solo shared their inspiring journeys. From Josie, who conquered the Appalachian Trail spanning over 3000km alone, to Rachel, who explored Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and beyond in Africa solo, their stories shed light on the courage of women to embark on solo adventures and why it's an experience every woman should embrace.

“With each discovery of a new aspect of myself during solo travel, my confidence and self-belief have steadily grown. Solo travel expands my world and fortifies me even further.”

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🎉 Afternoon Special 2 | Confidence Blooming in Warm Support

The Power of Connection, Global Networking Session

Is it okay to attend the festival alone? 🙋‍♀️ Can I network in English with my international friends?

NomadHer operates a travel community app that facilitates connections for female travelers, empowering them to find companions for their adventures, regardless of when or where they wish to go. Among the attendees, there were women who relish solo travel experiences and others who aspire to embark on such journeys someday. Feel free to download the NomadHer app for free!

The festival grounds were pulsating with the enthusiasm of women who share a passion for travel. It was a gathering of individuals eager to live life on their own terms, whether in travel, career advancement, or embracing the digital nomad lifestyle. With such common interests and aspirations, conversations sparked effortlessly and continued joyfully.

The best part of NomadHer networking sessions lies in the genuine warmth and eagerness to connect with each other's unique worlds!

To foster more meaningful networking interactions, the NomadHer team believes in uncovering commonalities before diving into conversations. At the festival, attendees were presented with two thought-provoking questions:

  1. What destination left such a lasting impression on you that it reignited your passion for life?
  2. If you could venture anywhere at any time, what dream destination would you choose?

These questions served as catalysts, prompting discussions and allowing participants to ponder their responses with newfound acquaintances at the name card booth. By proudly wearing name tags adorned with statements like "I'm someone who dreams of...", attendees effortlessly initiated conversations, sharing their aspirations and forging connections. Beyond mere networking, they immersed themselves in riveting talks, danced to the beat of music, and cultivated experiences reminiscent of the excitement of meeting kindred spirits in a new travel destination.

With eyes gleaming with curiosity and hearts brimming with passion, NomadHers enthusiastically conversed in Korean, English, and sometimes even French! It was a significant moment for them to engage in vibrant dialogues in languages spanning the globe.

In addition, NomadHer volunteers were strategically placed throughout the festival venues to eliminate any barriers for those who came alone or felt hesitant about speaking English. Their presence ensured that everyone could freely share and experience each other's worlds without inhibition.

Regardless of age, language, culture, or profession, the air was filled with curiosity and warm encouragement, united by the common bond of being NomadHers.

💃 Afternoon Special 3 | Infuse Energy into Your Every Step

Shuffle Dance Class

The NomadHer Festival unfolded throughout the day, from morning till evening, offering a diverse range of activities. And what's a festival without lively music? We all had a blast, dancing to the infectious beats and feeling the freedom together on stage.

During the shuffle dance class, we were led by the energetic Senior Somuz, who demonstrated that age is merely a number. With unwavering curiosity and a zest for life, they encouraged us to embrace challenges and keep exploring the world.

As Somuz, leader of the Seoul Shuffle Dance Community, camper extraordinaire, and content creator, stepped onto the stage, all eyes gravitated toward her. Her authentic and fearless enjoyment of the performance resonated with the audience, prompting several to join her onstage, one after another.

At this moment, it was as if everyone had reverted to the innocence of childhood, embracing the joy of the stage wholeheartedly. Witnessing her unapologetic self-expression prompted reflection: when was the last time you embraced your true self without concern for others' perceptions?

🎁Morning & Afternoon Highlights | Lucky Draw

With unwavering enthusiasm, we curated talks, organized networking sessions, facilitated yoga and shuffle dance classes, and orchestrated lucky draws, all with the heartfelt goal of supporting the fresh aspirations of fellow NomadHers embarking on their journeys this year.

We provided all festival attendees with NomadHer's "She Can Travel Anywhere" canvas bags, meticulously packed with eco-friendly travel essentials, supplements, snacks, air fresheners, and other necessities, ensuring everyone was well-prepared for their adventures.

Moreover, the Lucky Draw event overflowed with delightful surprises, offering NomadHers a treasure trove of gifts ranging from sneakers and eco-friendly tube tops to swimsuits and travel camp tickets. These prizes were carefully selected to cater to the needs of women with a passion for travel.

With each announcement of a Lucky Draw winner, the crowd erupted into cheers of excitement. Additionally, the diverse events hosted at brand booths on-site kept festival attendees thoroughly entertained, ensuring that everyone had a memorable and enjoyable time at the festival.

💌 Exploring the Stories of NomadHer Festival Volunteers

Discover the tales of 18 extraordinary women who joined us from across the globe.

At this year's NomadHer Festival, there was a group of amazing super women volunteers sporting "She Can Travel Anywhere" white t-shirts, who tirelessly worked with the NomadHer team all day.

Let's shine a spotlight on the 18 remarkable volunteers who brought their unwavering passion to every corner of the event, making it truly memorable:

🙋‍♀️ Mariana from Brazil and Emily from the United States infused on-site interviews with infectious energy, captivating everyone they spoke to.

🙋‍♀️ Subin and Surim from South Korea, Carla from Argentina, and Marie from France ran the check-in booth, leaving an indelible first impression on attendees.

🙋‍♀️ Minjeong, our dynamic photographer, darted around capturing the vibrant essence of the festival in every snapshot.

🙋‍♀️ Juliette, Christine, Camille, Leonore, Felipa from Brazil, Natalie from Austria, Eunji, Hyeonsuk from South Korea, Kim from Germany, Seyma from Turkey, and Julie, our versatile support team, seamlessly navigated through the event, connecting participants, managing booths, guiding speakers, and adding the perfect touch to the venue decor.

"She Can Travel Anywhere!" NomadHer Festival stands as a testament to the empowerment of women through travel, thanks to the dedication of our community members. Download the NomadHer app now and join our community to be the first to receive updates on future festival supporter opportunities! (Download the NomadHer app)

Mark Your Calendars: The NomadHer Busan Female Globetrotter Festival returns in September 2024!

After bidding farewell to the March Seoul festival, we received an influx of inquiries from eager NomadHers, all wanting to know about the next event's date and location.

Now, as we move into the latter half of the year, NomadHer is excited to announce the Busan Female Globetrotter Festival! Taking place against the stunning backdrop of Busan's picturesque beaches, this upcoming festival promises a wide range of engaging activities. From captivating talk shows to invigorating surfing sessions and serene yoga classes, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

- Mark your calendars for September 6th (Friday) to September 8th (Sunday) (3 days).

- Location: Busan's beautiful beaches (Exact venue and program details will be announced soon)

📌 Get Early Access to Busan Festival Tickets!

Download the NomadHer app for free today and join our community to be the first to receive updates on ticket availability!

More about NomadHer :

NomadHer is an app for female globetrotters to encourage solo travelling safely. NomadHer has a vision of empowering women through travelling.

To join the community of female globetrotters, you can download NomadHer App on IOS & Android. Follow NomadHer on Instagram: @nomad_her.

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