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2022 Seoul Female Globetrotter Festival Recap!

November 11, 2022



November 11, 2022

She Can Travel Anywhere

This past October, the NomadHer Seoul Female Globetrotter Festival was held in Seoul, South Korea at the Google for Startups Campus in Seoul! With the theme ‘She Can Travel Anywhere’, female travelers, digital nomads, and entrepreneurs from all around the world gathered together to connect, talk, and enjoy activities— the Festival was a great success! Many of the Festival participants gave us feedback saying “It was a new event style that is not often seen in Korea” and that the Festival “was such a friendly global event, I would like to come again next time too”!

For those who did come, we will take a look back on the memories of the day, and for those who could not join this time, we will be sure to vividly share the details so can get a feeling of the amazing atmosphere of the Female Globetrotter Festival!

What is the NomadHer community and why do we hold the Female Globetrotter Festival?

Many people we met on the day of the Festival asked “what kind of community is NomadHer?” Thank you for all your questions and interest in NomadHer! NomadHer is a global startup created after interviewing 1,000 female travelers in Paris, France. We found that many women want to experience solo travel, but hesitate because of safety concerns and don’t know where to start.

NomadHer believes that with the support of a community of passionate women, this challenge of security can be solved! What if you could meet and travel with women you can trust, no matter where you travel in the world? What if you had a wealth of resources, guides, and inspiration to help you learn tips for traveling solo as a woman? This is the focus of the NomadHer: to create a community of women that help and guide each other in their love for traveling so that She Can Travel Anywhere!


So, NomadHer considers it important to connect female travelers both online and offline! Today, 20,000 women from 178 countries have been finding travel companions within the app, traveling together through meetups/camps, and sharing their own travel tips. In that respect, the Festival can be said to be an offline version of the NomadHer App community.

Many parts of daily life have become virtual due to COVID-19, but we believe in-person connection is still so meaningful and important. With a start in Paris, France in 2019, NomadHer has held the Female Globetrotter Festival for female travelers around the world every summer/fall for the past four years!

What was special about the 2022 Seoul Female Globetrotter Festival?

This year, the NomadHer Festival was held in three global cities, Seoul, Paris, and San Francisco to celebrate the theme: She Can Travel Anywhere. Of course, it was carried out in a slightly different style in each country. Here we will share the highlights of the Seoul Female Globetrotter Festival!


💌 2 PM: Seoul Festival begins! Welcome, everyone!

The Seoul Festival was held at the Google Startup Campus located in Samseong Station. The event started at 2:00 PM, but many people came an hour earlier, so by the time the festival began, the venue was bustling and full of people. In particular, at the Seoul Festival, a welcome gift bag consisting of eco-friendly cosmetics and vegan products from 9 brands was given as a gift to everyone who pre-registered online. The NomadHer team selected and prepared this gift with sponsor companies whose missions align with the theme of the Festival providing products with an empowering and sustainable focus!

IMG_0003 (1).jpg

The event participants got a chance to tour the startup booths and take part in the surprise events held at each brand’s booth to receive prizes. Soon, people began to naturally gather in groups and start to chat, sharing stories, excitement, and contact to stay in touch. At all NomadHer events, including the Festivals, we provide a comfortable atmosphere to help everyone engage and leave with new friends! With the three keywords of this festival: travel, digital nomad, and start-up business, we were able to meet women full of energy.


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💌 2:30 PM: Talk show with 3 speakers - digital nomad, traveler, and entrepreneurs in one place!

Soon, the eyes of all the NomadHer participants were shining and full of excitement! Meeting women who are bravely making their way in life is a wonderful reminder of the joys of travel and inspires us to chase our own dreams. During this year’s Seoul Festival talk shows, participants heard the stories of three successful women travelers, entrepreneurs, and digital nomads. Keep reading to hear what stories they shared!

Copy of P1035525.JPG

Starting a new life as a yoga instructor through a trip to India,  Sunhee Maeng

“If you love to travel and end up visiting 35 countries alone, you begin to see that your trips become a kind of destiny. My trip to India to learn yoga changed my life. Now, I find peace in my mind and body while doing yoga, but the best thing is that I became much stronger internally so that I can independently decide the direction of my life”

Copy of IMG_3773.JPG
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CEO of educational start-up Youth Mango and Founder of Women's Base Camp, Honey Kim

“The desire to share what I love with more people has been the starting point for everything I do in business. I like outdoor activities, so I thought that I would spread my enjoyment of this to more women leading me to start a side project. That is why I opened the Women's Base Camp to encourage women to get out of their comfort zone. Before just letting go of the desire to share with those around you, think that maybe sharing what you love could become a seed for you to start something?”

Copy of P1035820.JPG

Learn everything about A to Z about self-branding from a global digital marketer who has 3,000 consulting know-how, Kim-J

“Of course, nothing is easy at first. When I first sent out proposals to 100 companies to begin my business as a freelance digital nomad marketer, I was happy to even get 2 replies. Are you disappointed with the lack of responses in a similar situation? Keep your hopes up! Instead of getting discouraged, I thought that if this time I sent 100 proposals and received 2 calls, next time if I sent 200 messages, I might get 4 replies!

Finally, there was a company that I really wanted to do a project with so I made a proposal and called the manager saying “I wanted to do business with you” and showed what I had to offer. If you try until you make it, you will achieve the success you seek in the end. This is the key tip I always keep in mind that helped me create my way and succeed in this field.”


💌 4 PM: Time to connect through networking!

After the panel talk show, NomadHer scheduled time for participants to connect with the three speakers, ask questions freely, and discuss the topics of the talk shows with each other. As soon as the panel talk shows were over, many people approached the speakers to ask questions that they were curious about and it also gave the speakers an opportunity to hear people's concerns and grow their businesses!

With the energy created by women who want to grow further and generously share what they know, the festival became interactive and full of conversation and inspiration. We received a lot of feedback from participants who wished there had been more networking time, so next year we will plan to create a variety of programs with more speakers and more conversations!

IMG_7066 (1).JPG

💌5 PM: Aloha! Let’s do a hula dance!

When you join the NomadHer community app for the first time, the first word you will see in a welcome message is “Aloha!” which is a Hawaiian greeting that also holds meanings of love and peace. When you join the NomadHer community, make sure to check out the warm message in your inbox that starts with Aloha!

A hula dance class was held with hula dancer Hayati. Hayati recalls that after beginning to learn the hula, she began to have more appreciation for the little things in everyday life. Wrapping the colorful sarong on their waists and putting flowers on their heads, NomadHers enjoyed a moment to connect with themselves through Hawaiian rhythms.

The official program of the festival ended with the hula class, but NomadHer prepared a dinner event for women who wanted the night to last a bit longer! Although everyone had just met at the Festival, the dinner event was full of endless conversation and laughter.

In the NomadHer community, you discover that all female travelers are strongly bounded beyond barriers of language, age, or nationality. While the 2022 Seoul Female Globetrotter Festival Festival is over, the inspiration, fun, and connection don’t end here. Various meetups and travel camps are held every week in the NomadHer community and can be found on the NomadHer App! With NomadHer, you can travel anywhere!


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NomadHer is an app for female globetrotters to encourage solo travelling safely. NomadHer has a vision of empowering women through travelling.

To join the community of female globetrotters, you can download NomadHer App on IOS & Android. Follow NomadHer on Instagram: @nomad_her.

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