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Is Dubai safe for solo female traveler?

February 24, 2022



February 24, 2022

Is Dubai safe for solo female travelers? Yes, Dubai is definitely safe for solo female travelers, and it is the perfect destination for solo female digital nomads! NomadHer, app for female globetrotters, interviewed Patricia, a personal trainer from Spain who is currently living in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. She didn’t hesitate to leave Spain to take a great opportunity in UAE. She travels and works at the same time, and she shared her thoughts on solo female travelling.

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Can you tell me a bit about yourself, when did you start travelling alone? Why? What is your current situation?

Aloha ! My name is Patricia and I’m a Spanish girl traveling as a personal trainer since May 2021. I started with solo travel because I accepted a job that allowed me to travel and work at the same time and I started also my online training business for women.

I always had the feeling that the world has too much to offer us to remain static in one place so I left my job in Spain, my house, my dog and my family and friends and.. here I am, 7600 km from my home, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Which countries did you visit ? Which is/are your favourite and why ?

I visited Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, France, United Kingdom. And.. I can’t choose only one. I believe that absolutely all countries (and especially the people who live in them) have many things to offer us.

Which country or travel experience really surprised you?

The country that has impressed me the most is Saudi Arabia. People, culture, religion, food and its landscapes are really incredible from north to south (and unknown to most people who don't live there). Saudi was closed for tourism until about 3 years ago, so now it’s a great opportunity to pack your bags and discover it.

What does travelling alone bring you?

In one word? EMPOWERMENT. All the fears I had before leaving Spain have disappeared. I am learning to ask for help, to solve my problems alone, to get by in a language that is not my mother tongue, not to judge people and to say yes to (almost) everything.

Did travelling change something in your life ? in the perception of yourself ?

Traveling change everything in my life. I have the feeling that I’m a new and better Patricia! I currently believe that I could live in any country in the world without feeling afraid or alone.

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What would you say to people who say that traveling alone as a woman is dangerous?

In my (unpopular) opinion, being a woman is a risk that we are born with, simply because we are. But, traveling alone is not the greatest risk we can have. Travelling makes you brave, strong , we meet other women who live and travel alone in cultures totally different from theirs and who have never had any mishaps. And now, we can use Nomadher to create community and support each other.

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How could we change this idea that women shouldn't travel alone, and should go with someone?

I believe that if we continue to perpetuate that we are weak and that something can happen to us, we will never be able to change the world.  As I said before, simply being born a woman is a risk, but that is changing in many countries.  In addition, women who travel alone are privileged, most of the risks and problems are faced by women who were born in certain countries, but we can avoid them.

What is your worst experience? How did you handle it? Did it have an impact on you, your behaviour or your life?

The worst experience was in Paris.  I was running in the street and a man tried to harass me.  If I'm honest, it's something that unfortunately we're used to (it's happened to me dozens of times in Spain). I always carry my phone with me in case something happens to me, so I called a friends who was in Paris and I run away.

What were the difficulties you had to overcome while travelling?

My biggest problems are given by the language barrier.  Also, not everyone speaks English, so when you have a medical problem it can be a bit more complicated to solve it.

Best souvenir while travelling ?

To meet GREAT people who become family forever.

How do you think travelling can empower women ?

Learn languages and training Strenght!

What advice and tips would you give women who hesitate to travel alone?

I think it's very important not to be afraid to meet a lot of new and different people, to ask for help if you need it, and of course to have the support of a community like Nomadher. And most important of all : enjoy

A message you want to give for the women who will read you ?

Do it, and if you are afraid, do it with fear!

More about NomadHer :

NomadHer is an app for female globetrotters to encourage solo travelling safely. NomadHer has a vision of empowering women through travelling.

To join the community of female globetrotters, you can download NomadHer App on IOS & Android. Follow NomadHer on Instagram: @nomad_her.

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